The Guide and Toolkit Downloads

As easy as one to eight

The 8 Step Guide has all the instructions, practical tools and tips you need. It is easy to use and           
can be readily adapted to suit any supply chain project.

There are numerous interactive features that make the Guide very easy to use:

  • Interactive buttons and links help you navigate through and around the document.
  • You can type your discussions, ideas and progress into the notes pages and project plan.
  • To go back or forward a page, use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or the left and right clicks on your mouse
  • Remember to save every time you close the document.
When you download the Guide, it is best to save the document locally rather than view it in your web browser.

The 8 Step Guide
(5 MB)

Supporting tools

As you work through the Guide, you will notice that it refers to a number of supporting tools to help you and your supply chain partners on your project. These tools can be downloaded below.

Tool 5A Workshop Agenda

Table for Tools 1A, 5B, 6A, 7A

Tool 3A Stakeholder Briefing