The 8 Steps

Understand supply chain sustainability and improve your business performance by using this interactive and flexible online guide to collaborate with your supply chain partners.

Use the step-by-step guide to deliver business benefits such as productivity improvements and reduced environmental impacts and costs.

Logical and practical action plan

 Each step sets out:

  • Objective - focus of the step
  • Benefit - value that your organisation and
    supply chain partners will gain
  • Process - specific and detailed action you
    will take
  • Tips - practical strategies and hints to meet
    common challenges
  • Toolkit - links to useful tools and resources
  • Tools - interactive templates and notes pages
  • Pause point - items to be completed before
    you move to the next step.

In step with your partners

  • Clearly state why your organisation wants to collaborate along its supply chain
  • Select the project supply chain
  • Test the interest of your proposed partners
  • Gain internal executive support
  • Sign up your supply chain partners to the project
  • Agree on the project goals, process and resources
  • Work with your partners to collect baseline data for the project
  • Use life cycle thinking to identify key supply chain benefits and impacts
  • Discuss issues and ideas with your partners
  • Agree on opportunities for supply chain improvement and innovation
  • Address barriers, risks and trade-offs
  • Implement the agreed actions
  • Measure the results
  • Share the value gained with your project partners
  • Communicate the outcomes to key stakeholders
  • Formally conclude the project
  • Integrate the lessons learned into your business strategy