Discover how other businesses are creating market advantage, driving innovation and overcoming challenges through supply chain partnerships.

These examples from PACIA members and other companies demonstrate that collaborative thinking along supply chains delivers better financial, environmental and social results than any organisation could achieve alone.

Company snapshots

"When we embarked on our own supply
chain sustainability project, we discovered
how important it was to connect into the
right areas at our partner organisations.
Our strongest relationship was through
procurement, but because of the
whole-of-business impact of the project,
we had to engage our partner more broadly
and at a senior level to gain support. This
enabled us to overcome any historical
barriers that can exist in a supplier/customer

Rod Coughlin
Feedstock & Logistics Manager,




           "To me, this is all about innovation. Examining
            opportunities to produce sustainability outcomes
            through the supply chain will require and lead to
            opportunities for innovation."

           Colin Hackett
           Group Managing Director,
           Brenntag Australia


Making news

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